Delicious in Connecticut

He walked out on her deck, cocktails in hand and squinting slightly in the bright sun.  She sprawled lazily on a lounge chair, one leg dangling off the side.  Her smile was bright and eased his nervousness as she reached up to take one of the drinks from his hand.

“Sit.  Relax.”  Her voice was pure velvet.

He slid into the chair next to her.  He felt overdressed in jeans and polo shirt.  She wore a black bikini, aviators and that amazing smile.

He tried not to gaze at her too long, but his eyes disobeyed.  They travelled every delicious inch.  Her long blond hair draped carelessly down her neck and collarbone.  Beautiful sun-tinted skin adorably freckled.  Black triangles of fabric concealed part of her breasts, but not her excitement.  He felt a lusty stirring as his eyes lingered on the bumps teasing the fabric from underneath.  A beautiful valley between them trailed down to her very kissable belly.   Another strategic triangle blocked his view (but not for long, he thought) as he followed his eyes to toned thighs, legs and a sexy ankle bracelet as he finished.

“Well now” she joked, “I feel like I’ve been given an examination.”  She leaned forward and whispered, “did I pass?”

“Flying colors,” he kidded back.  He hoped that his voice didn’t sound as trembly as he felt.

“Hmmm…  good to know.”

“You look like you might be getting a little red.  Would you like me to put some lotion on for you?”

“Absolutely.”  She took the bottle and squirted some into his hands which he gently rubbed together to warm the lotion before he began to massage it into her skin.  She rolled onto her stomach.

He started at her ankles, kneading his way up her calves and feeling her muscles relax under her tantalizingly smooth skin. His hands slid up her thighs and worked up and down from her knees to the “barely there” bikini bottom.  She sighed contentedly when his hand gripped her inner thigh, rubbing them firmly and then bumped up against her womanhood, protected only by the thin fabric.

He bent over her and asked softly,

“Too much?”

She shook her head no.  Her body was melting in relaxation and yet the touch of his soft but strong hands was arousing at the same time.

His hands eased under her bikini bottom and she felt his hands encompass both of her ass cheeks, massaging the tensions away.   She felt herself begin to moisten as his fingers worked all the way around her.

Her lower back yielded as he pushed and stroked his way up, his thumbs sliding along either side of her spine.   He kept working his way up and down her back, so gentle and yet so firm that it took her breath away as the muscles and knots loosened and released.

She was fully wet now, with a longing for his hands to search her more deeply and intimately.

She abruptly turned over and craned her neck up at him.

He leaned over and kissed her with a deep, passionate longing.  Her hand was threaded through his hair, pulling him closer.  He knelt beside her chair, his tongue entangling with hers and his hand resting on the delicious curve of her hip.

He gently took her sunglasses off so he could see the passionate hunger in her soft brown eyes.

Their mouths met again and his hand found her breast, gently stroking the nipple through the swimsuit top.  His thumb circled its hardness while his other arm cradled her back.

Soft little sounds escaped from both of them as the pace of their kissing and touches began to quicken.  She reached up behind her neck and undid the strings of the top, dropping it down and allowing him full freedom to enjoy her breasts.

He kissed his way from her lips to her chin and down her delicate neckline until he was directly between her breasts.  His lips brushed the skin all over each one, first the right and then the left leaving no skin untouched except her taut, dark nipples.  He deliberately avoided touching them, letting her desire build higher, but he came close enough that he knew that she could feel the warmth of his breath on them.

He took the tip of his tongue and circled each nipple’s border, right along the bumpy little edge.  He felt her back arch as he moved along each on and it took all of his self control to not jump ahead and start sucking on them greedily.

No, not yet.  He didn’t just want her turned on.  He wanted her lust-crazed, animalistic, unrestrained.

His mouth left her entirely as his hand traced her belly, fingertips travelling along to the edge of her bikini bottom.  He ran them just under the elastic edging while he returned to her mouth.

She grabbed his arm and tried to control him, pushing his hand down further where she was soaking with desire but he resisted…not ready to give her the first taste of sweet release, the first of many releases he intended to give her that day.

“Please.”  Her voice was nearly breathless.

“Not yet…not just yet.”

Soon enough, he thought.


Midday Lust

She pulled into the driveway, heart beating a bit faster than it should.
She glanced in her rearview mirror at the street behind her, hoping to see a sign that he was coming.
They hadn’t met, just messages exchanged on a website.
Their conversation turned from polite to fun to racy with a rapidity that left her nervous and breathless at the same time. She was not normally the kind of woman to meet someone at her home, especially knowing that he was coming there for one reason and one reason only…
To take her.
Ravish her.
His proposal wasn’t overtly indecent. It was cheeky and light, but as clear as the vodka she planned on pouring into their glasses when he arrived.
“Free for lunch?”
Sure, she said.
“The kind of lunch that sends you back to work with messy hair and a big smile?”
She was taken aback at first. But a tingle accompanied that, and she felt her body start to respond to the thought. A passionate tryst with a man she barely knew…bodies entangled, lips locked and breathtaking climaxes that she yearned for.
Against her better judgment and normally reserved nature.
She sent him a one word reply.
And followed up with a message containing her address and the word “Noon.”
He responded with a winking smiley face.
She keyed open her front door and looked at her watch.
Her heart quickened again.
She looked in the mirror and made sure that she looked ok. Her eyes travelled down and her confidence faltered a bit.
All of her insecurities about her body flooded her mind.
Even the soft, polite declinations of other men she had met through the site had shaken her.
Was she too old?
Was her body no longer attractive?
Had she passed her prime and….
A knock at the door.
She snapped her head away from the mirror toward the door.
Her hand shook a bit as she reached for the knob. The door swung open and there he stood.
Tall. Salt and pepper hair with a shadow of stubble on his face. Black t-shirt and blue jeans.
Built like most middle-aged men, a bit of paunch.
And a big, disarming smile on his face. She saw kindness in his eyes, and behind the kindness she saw raw desire. He looked her up and down his eyes returned to hers. And what she saw in her eyes melted her insecurity and hesitation away.
He wanted her.
Raw hunger. The kind that couldn’t wait.
She poured them each a drink as they stood in her kitchen. His hand shook a bit as he took the glass.
Good, she thought. He’s nervous too. He wasn’t a player.
But he wanted her and wanted her now.
He knocked back his drink and put the glass down. She took it and turned to put it in the sink.
She felt his warm breath on her neck and his soft lips touched gently on the sensitive place where her neck and shoulders met.
She inhaled sharply, scared and excited all at once.
He hesitated slightly but then she felt his lips continue. His long arms wrapped around her, his soft hands resting momentarily on her belly.
“Skin,” she whispered.
His hands deftly slipped under her shirt, caressing her while he kissed.
She felt his touch glide up and come to rest on her bra. She steadied herself, placing both hands on the counter. His body was snugged up against hers from behind, and she pushed her ass back against him, feeling him tense.
One hand left her breast and started unbuttoning her blouse. As it slid from her shoulders, his lips moved to savor even more of her exposed flesh.
The blouse hit the tile floor and in a flash, the same hand that unbuttoned her blouse had unclasped her bra. Her breasts rested freely, but only for a moment. They were soon in his soft grip, nipples taut with excitement. She ground her ass against him, sensing the growing hardness.
Firmly but gently, he massaged her breasts, brushing his fingertips around the nipples but never really touching them fully. Teasing.
She was getting wetter with the passing moment. She started to wish that she had worn sexier underwear, but the thought escaped as she felt one of his hands slide down inside her thighs.
She arched her back up against him as he effortlessly traced the lines of her femininity. They slid up and down each side, sending electric shivers of anticipation through her core.
His left arm was locked across her chest and she felt helpless and powerful all at the same time.
A finger gently explored her wetness and then sought out her clit. The warm, wet tip of his finger circled around, teasing just as he had done with her nipples. She felt the climax starting to build even with such delicate touch.
Finally, blessedly, his fingers moved expertly to her nipple and clit simultaneously. His touch was electric and her body began to spasm gently at first. His kisses stopped as he focused solely on pleasuring her, but she could still feel the heat of his breath behind her in an intoxicating blend of sensations, building the climax even higher.
She gave in and let herself cum as he held her firmly, feeling her body buck and holding her secure which caused her to climax even harder. A couple of tears trailed out of the corner of her eyes as the orgasm peaked.
She caught her breath after a moment and turned around. His eyes were alight with pleasure and desire.
“Wow. Just….wow.” That was all she could muster.
She kissed him deeply, feeling his hand firmly grip her ass.
She led him by the hand to the bedroom.
He pulled his t-shirt off over his head while she unbuckled his jeans. Her neck craned up as she buried her face in his chest, inhaling the woodsy scent of his body wash. She sought out his nipple, sucking gently and flicking her tongue over and around it. His hand gripped the back of her head and pushed her face against his chest.
She lowered herself to her knees and slid his jeans down off his legs. He was a nicely built, bigger than average but nothing she felt she couldn’t handle.
On the contrary, she felt herself compelled to take him into her warm, willing mouth. She slowly, languidly slid her lips up and down the shaft.
He laced his fingers in her hair, a soft growl of pleasure came from him.
“No,” he said suddenly, “I’m not done with you yet.”
He helped her stand and undid her skirt. He took her to the bed and laid her down, sliding her panties off.
He kissed her thighs as he spread her legs apart. His tongue sought out the delicate crevice where her legs joined her body and his fingers found her breasts. His passion was tangible as he switched between long lazy licks and swirling his tongue around. He wrapped his lips around her clit and sucked it gently sending wicked lightning through her.
She twitched and bucked her hips, swiveling her head side to side as his mouth sent waves of another orgasm deep inside her.
Her thighs clamped on his ears as she came and she nearly lifted her body up off the bed in a final spasm.
She was weak. Breathless. Helpless as he slid her body around so that her head was nearly hanging off the bed.
Her mouth opened and he slid back in, grasping her breasts firmly as he pumped back and forth. He loved being able to see her entire delicious body while her mouth pleasured him. She had slid her own hand down between her legs to finger herself and that sent him nearly over the edge of his own.
But he didn’t want that. Not this time.
He pulled gently from her amazing mouth and climbed onto the bed. He lifted and spread her legs and rubbed the head of his manhood up and down her soaked lips. He pushed deep inside of her with the exquisite sensation of his cock wet from her mouth and her passionately dripping body.
He moved slowly and rhythmically, sliding in and out.
Another orgasm built inside her as she felt him filling her over and over. He leaned over and sucked on her nipple while his hips continued to thrust into her.
Her body clamped down and clenched his cock tightly as she came again and he began to thrust harder. Faster. Bodies slapping together as she orgasmed and his own release with a final deep push and a groan, collapsing on top of her.
Sweaty. Out of breath. Covered with each other’s scent. He rolled over next to her and traced the curvy lines of her body. Soft whispers and giggles between them as they regained themselves and began to get dressed. She returned to work, hair tousled and a big silly grin, as promised. And she waited patiently for the next “lunch invitation” from him to arrive.